Thursday, April 7, 2016

Organic Fertilizing of Urban Plants

Each one of us urban dwellers are up to our gills in concrete, glass and steel. It is unnatural for us to be surrounded by such and we always look forward to going out of town and seeing trees and greens. It has always been a welcome break to commune with nature. But most of us confined to our urban surroundings most of the year. We resort to have our own little pocket gardens in our homes be it a small yard or even a few pots of plants outside our apartment windows. As such, the care of our urban based plants have double the challenge since the habitat they came from is the inverse of the surroundings they have been well, “transplanted”.

Here are a few tips on how to organically fertilize urban plants:

1.    Use coffee grounds or tea bags. Dry them first to avoid molds. They are rich in potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen thus the soil will be enriched. Just mix them with the soil surrounding the plants.
2.    Aquarium Water. If you have aquariums, the water from these are rich in nitrogen. Watering the plants will be of great benefit.
3.    Ground Eggshells. These neutralize the acid in soil and enable calcium to be released to the roots of the plants.
4.     Banana peels and onion skins. These are rich in magnesium and potassium. Just mix cut the banana peels into small pieces the soil.

These tips will improve the nourishment of urban plants and is bound to enable the plants to withstand the urban environment.

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