Monday, November 16, 2015

Aetas Benefit from Organically Grown Mangoes

The Preda Fair Trade project buys the mangoes of all sizes and shape and color without separation and segregation but by the kilo and pays a whopping 200 percent higher than the local traders. Now every piece of mango fruit is valuable and is enthusiastically harvested and brought to a collection point where a Preda vehicle picks it and delivers the mangoes to the processing plant three hours drive away.

The indigenous Aeta have reached the international organic standards of the European Union and have just been awarded organic certification for mangoes. This is one of the highest and most strict standards in the world. Their achievement is the first in the Philippines. No other community has achieved that standard and certification. Indeed it is a proud achievement and possible because of the non-chemical and natural practices of the Aeta in caring for their ancestral lands and agricultural practices. The training by the Preda organic team helped make it possible. Besides, other development projects were achieved also such as village water sources development and distribution of educational supplies.

There is no end to the demand for the Aeta organic mango puree in the European market place. Orders are increasing from the likes of Fair Trade Dritte Welt Partner (DWP) from Ravensburg, South Germany. DWP makes the superb Fair Trade organic products out of the mango puree and distributes them to the World Shops. The practice of Fair Trade and organic production is spreading in the Philippines as more Aeta communities join the Preda Fair Trade Aeta Farmers Association.

It is an important success story for Fair Trade as many more indigenous communities could be helped to develop their natural resources and agricultural products and better their lives and that of the whole community.


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