Monday, April 20, 2015

New Kind of Fertilizer Now in the Market

Anthony A. Cortes, president of Corvill Agricom
A new kind of fertilizer that is very different from the ordinary NPK formulation is now in the market. It is a plant growth booster derived from natural plant extracts that is a product of nano or colloidal technology.

The fertilizer is called Supravim from the United States and is distributed by Corvill Agricom headed by Anthony A. Cortes. Being a product of nano technology, the particles are so minute that they are readily absorbed by the plants, whether sprayed on the leaves or stems. Supravim, according to Cortes, does not totally replace the regular fertilizers applied in the soil but it helps reduce the amount that the farmer needs to apply.
The new fertilizer when applied in the early stage of plant growth, Cortes said, stimulates natural growth defenses of plants at the cellular level, encouraging increased root size which allows more efficient uptake of nutrients and moisture to the stalks and leaves. Of course, it can also be applied during the more advanced stage of plant growth. It improves the stamina of the plants which enable them to resist stress like low level of moisture in the soil.
Supravim is not an insecticide but according to Cortes, it reduces insect damage. That’s because Supravim increases sugar production inside the plant, and because many insects cannot effectively digest sugar, the insects look elsewhere for their meal. This means less need for insecticides, less introduction of chemicals into the ecosystem and reduced cost to the farmer.
Cortes emphasizes that Supravim is a natural blend of 99.9 percent processed extracts of natural plants (phytochemicals) and is completely biodegradable. It is not hazardous to human health nor does it do anything to degrade the environment.
Cortes adds that Supravim acts also as an effective surfactant which helps evenly spread the mixture over the leaves and other plant surfaces, thereby maximizing plant absorption and effectiveness.
Supravim is now registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) for use in leafy vegetables. Field tests are ongoing for eventual FPA registration for fruit crops, rice, corn and other crops.
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HARVEST FESTIVAL – Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna, held its 3rd Annual Harvest Festival last April 11-12 with about a thousand visitors attending the two-day event.
The organic farm that Ronald Costales and his wife Josie started in 2004 has gone a long way from its beginning as simply a producer of organic lettuce and other salad vegetables. Today it is into an expanded organic pig production, chicken meat and eggs, agritourism with lodging facilities, and technology provider in organic agriculture.
The latest and most promising as another money maker for the farm is the bottling of spring water. The upscale restaurants that the company is supplying with organic vegetable and meat products could initially be the ready market for the bottled spring water.
Arrangements are also ongoing for the farm to become an accredited training institution by TESDA or Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.
A highlight of the Harvest Festival was the launching of the new logo of the company. At first glance, the prominent feature looks like a lettuce leaf. The upper half of the leaf is a silhouette of Mt. Banahaw from a distance. On top of the leaf is a rising sun which symbolizes a bright beginning. After all organic farming cum agritourism is a sunrise industry. Then there’s the bold handcrafted name of Costales Nature Farms below.
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AGRI-KAPIHAN TOMORROW – This is a highlight of the three-day Agri-Bazaar cum Agri-Kapihan that started yesterday and will end tomorrow at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.
Next month, the AANI Agri-Bazaar cum Agri-Kapihan will be held in tandem with the Mango Festival on May 15-17 also at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Attendance is open free to the public.

Wriiten by: Zac Sarian

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